“Every child is born with a love of learning -- every child. We adults have a responsibility to give them every possible chance to learn, and to start early……. More than anyone else, parents need to be involved.”- President George W. Bush

“And that has to start at the earliest possible age. You know, study after study shows that the sooner a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road.” –President Barack Obama

How To Teach Baby?


When To Teach Baby?


These two concepts are critical to your baby’s future development.The latest brain research says this! Unlike others, we are not going to provide statements that are meant to sell you something. Most importantly, we are not going to tell you to take our word for it. We are simply going to show you independent research on baby development. Then we are going to encourage you to find more independent research on your own! Why? Because the research will lead you right back to us!

How To Teach Baby: Through stage-appropriate baby development activities, games, or play!

When To Teach Baby: During the best window of opportunity of your baby’s life-the first 2 critical years!

Don’t Take Our Word For It! Click For Independent Research!

Dear Friend,

Providing parents with the best appropriate stage-appropriate activities for baby development is our highest mission. This is because HowToParentBook.com is dedicated to the intellectual development of babies. We show parents how to teach baby and when to teach baby using the latest research with proven benefits!

How are we different from so-called baby development products on the market?

We do not offer products meant to entertain your baby with little benefit to their development
Even though the games and activities happen to be fun, they are not meant to entertain
Our mission is strictly to educate using the latest brain research
Our products are research-based with proven benefits
The research is independent and we encourage you to look on your own
We do not put a word like Einstein in our title to give us credibility
We don’t teach babies to memorize words to fool a parent into thinking babies can read
We do not advertise baby learning products which you have to purchase on another site
Making money is not our priority. Your baby is our priority.
If money was our priority, we would break our information up and sell it to you piece by piece. We do not. We simply ask this. For less than $10 we give you the latest brain research with proven benefits for the most important years in your baby’s life. Is this worth it for you?

How are we different from so-called baby learning products on the market?

Independent analysis. Make sure there is independent research or opinion from people that have credibility on baby development.
Baby development products should not stress reading. Reading is great. Reading allows children to take in more information to learn. But learning to read at any age does not have very much stimulation on the brain.
Make sure a baby development product is focused on brain development. Developing your baby’s brain is about mapping their brain for future success throughout their life!
A baby development product should focus on logic. By properly wiring your baby’s brain with logical concept instruction you are setting them up for success with logical concepts they will face in the future such as math and science!
Cost. If a company requires you to buy product after product to develop your baby, their priority is probably not developing your baby.
Longitudinal studies. A study that shows that baby was taught this task, and then scored well on their algebra test in 5th grade does not exist. But there are longitudinal studies that show that “proper” early learning or baby development does have long-term benefits!

Benefits of Positive Early Experience and Baby Development:

Increase in college attendance rate
Increase in high school graduation rate
Increase labor force participation and earnings in adulthood
Decrease in crime and contact with criminal justice system
Decrease in grade repetition (repeating grades)
Decrease in use of special education
Decrease in child maltreatment
Decrease in child accidents and injuries
Decrease in teen childbearing
Decrease in smoking and substance abuse
Decrease in negative pregnancy outcomes





We are so confident you are going to love our products that we will back it 100%.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with developing your baby to their maximum potential or have found evidence that challenges the overwhelming research that supports our approach, simply return your product and receive back every penny.


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